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“before i could release
the weight of my sadness
and pain, i first had
to honor its existence.”

― Carl Jung


Therapy isn't just for individuals. Wherever you and your partner are in your relationship, my therapeutic approach can help you recalibrate your relationship and re-establish the communication and closeness you need together.


Schedule a one-on-one session and find the space you need to tackle the anxiety, stress, or old patterns you've been meaning to change. Together we'll establish your goals and help you achieve relief and confidence in yourself.

Neurodivergent-Affirming Therapy

Many of my clients are late-diagnosed, high-masking ADHD and/or Autistic individuals, looking to better understand their brains and support their sensory needs. They are also looking to improve the communication in their relationships with this new knowledge. Affirming therapy is vital to successfully support your nervous system and relationship.

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